Supreme 9000™ Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Supreme 9000™ is a full synthetic premium quality heavy duty, multi-grade engine oil specially formulated to extend engine life, while providing for extended drain capability and improved fuel economy benefits. This unique combination provides Supreme 9000™ with performance advantages, including improved engine efficiency and power, especially during severe operation.

Available in grades SAE 5W-40 (diesel engines, including low emission certified engines and diesel engines equipped with EGR and DPF systems), SAE 5W-30 (gas engines), and SAE 5W-50 (racing applications.)

#9000 Supreme 9000™ SAE 5W-40

Recommended for use in all types of diesel engines operating on both less than 500 ppm and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Supreme 9000™ SAE 5W-40 exceeds the current requirements for API CJ-4 and is particularly suitable for use in 2007 emission compliant engines that utilize heavy EGR and exhaust after-treatment devices such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs) with or without diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs). Supreme 9000™ SAE 5W-40 can also be used in low-emission certified diesel engines that are equipped with EGR, older non-EGR containing diesel engines, off-highway diesel engines that are powered by either high, low or ultra low sulfur diesel fuels, high performance gasoline engines and mixed fleet applications.

#9001 Supreme 9000™ 5W-50 Racing Oil

Supreme 9000™ is blended from a unique combination of polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and severely hydrocracked synthetic base fluids. This unique combination provides Supreme 9000™ with the following advantages:

  1. Extended oil drain capability and intervals
  2. Superior cold cranking and oil pumpability at low temperatures
  3. Exceptional oxidative stability especially at high engine operation temperatures
  4. Excellent resistance to thermal degradation
  5. Exceptional low volatility characteristics that provide superb oil consumption control and prevent the formation of deposits on critical engine parts
  6. A high viscosity index
  7. Enhanced film strength at high operating temperatures
  8. Low coefficients of traction, which result in improved fuel economy

Faster Cold Weather Starts

Schaeffer Manufacturing's Supreme 9000™ provides faster cold cranking and engine startability than engine oils that are formulated using synthetic blend or conventional base oils.

Supreme 9000™ will flow rapidly at low temperatures, thus providing the optimum protection the engine needs at low temperature startup.

Reduces Wear = Saves Money

Supreme 9000™ utilizes two proven friction modifiers: Micron Moly® and Penetro®. These highly-specialized friction reducers combine to protect metal surfaces during start-up and shock loading. The result is less wear, lower temperatures and dramatically less cost to operate.

Increased High Temperature/Shear Protection

Schaeffer's Supreme 9000™ provides 8% to 17% more high-temperature, high-shear protection than the competition.This ensures Supreme 9000™ provides the proper viscosity needed to maintain engine durability during high load, severe service applications.

Supreme 9000™ is a full synthetic premium quality heavy duty engine oil formulated to extend engine life
  supreme9000-cold truck
You'll see faster cold cranking and engine startability


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