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Schaeffer Manufacturing Extends Equipment Life with VarniCleanâ„¢

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Schaeffer Manufacturing Extends Equipment Life with VarniCleanâ„¢

Schaeffer Manufacturing Extends Equipment Life with VarniClean™

New product removes existing varnish deposits

ST. LOUIS - Schaeffer Manufacturing recently released VarniClean™ a new technology formulated to remove existing varnish buildup on manufacturing/production equipment, especially high temperature and high pressure hydraulic systems. Coupled with the company's VarniShield® product, which effectively prevents the formulation of varnish, VarniClean™ assists manufacturing operations to perform at peak efficiency. The two products can be applied to hydraulic, turbine, paper machine and air compressor systems and quench baths.

Due to the increased power output and system pressure used by heavy manufacturing and industrial equipment, temperatures within the equipment rise, leading to the formation of varnish and sludge deposits on critical components. This buildup causes equipment valves to stick and gum up, translating to downtime for repairs and lost productivity, higher energy and maintenance costs, and a restriction in oil flow because of clogged filters. When applied to equipment, VarniClean™ removes the existing varnish and sludge buildup and eliminates valve sticking and poor Servo performance.

Several case studies indicate that the continued use of both VarniClean™ and VarniShield® effectively removes and prevents any further formulation of varnish or other sludge deposits. (To download the technical data sheet for VarniClean™ please visit Over time, operators can achieve significantly reduced downtime and avoid safety issues compared to the time-consuming manual cleaning of equipment. Use of the products also reduces the amount of filter changes needed and considerably lowers operating costs.

Founded in 1839, Schaeffer manufactures specialized synthetic oils, fuel additives and other products for the manufacturing, construction, trucking, agriculture, marine, mining and high-performance racing industries. Now in its third century of business and recognized as the oldest oil company in the United States, Schaeffer Manufacturing has remained a family-owned operation since its inception. Recently, Schaeffer Manufacturing was named to the distinguished INC 5000 list. For complete details, visit