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Art Drossel<br>St. Joseph, MO

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Art Drossel<br>St. Joseph, MO

It's Not the Cost to Buy...It's the Cost to Use


Art Drossel began his career as a Schaeffer Manufacturing Company sales rep in 1995. Art has been involved in farming, construction and manufacturing his whole life. He learned of Schaeffer's lubricants while working for a large specialty truck manufacturer in St Joseph, MO. Art gives much of the credit of his lubricant knowledge to his customers, as they have helped him understand their specific needs. He has also taken advantage of many of the training opportunities offered by Schaeffer. Throughout Art's sales career, his main focus has been on customer service, not on the sale. His goal is to improve the customer's bottom line through better lubricant performance and cost savings. Art shows his customers that 'It's Not the Cost to Buy...It's the Cost to Use' that counts.

Art and his wife, Chris, have three children and six grandchildren. They spend most of their free time with family.

Industries Served

Art, with the help of Schaeffer's support team, works to keep agricultural, construction and fleet customers informed of new demands on their industries lubrication needs.

Awards & Certifications

Schaeffer Certified Ag Specialist


Art is a member of the STLE (Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers)