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Carroll Hargis<br>Mason, OH

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Carroll Hargis<br>Mason, OH

It's Not the Cost to Buy...It's the Cost to Use


Carroll Hargis has been a sales rep for Schaeffer Manufacturing since 1982. He has been in the oil business for 35 years.

Carroll is a life-time motorsports enthusiast and participant. His knowledge of industrial, farming and racing applications bodes well for his career at Schaeffer. It is second nature for Carroll to take an engine apart and put it back together again. Maintenance is his specialty.

Industries Served

Carroll's 45 years of experience in racing applications enables him to help with any "nuts & bolts" applications that you may have.

Awards & Certifications

Schaeffer's 100% Club and Diamond Circle Club Member for Schaeffer sales.

Golden Microphone award for "Pit Talk" Nascar radio talk-show on WMOH Radio, Hamilton, OH.


Northeast Cinncinnatti Chamber of Commerce
DARF - Dayton Auto Racing Fan Club