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Jack R. Morgan<br>Bastian, VA

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Jack R. Morgan<br>Bastian, VA

On Your Team, But Not on Your Payroll


Jack Morgan is a Schaeffer Rep in the Southern Appalachian Region of Virginia and West Virginia. While Jack's professional training is in electrical engineering, he has been a "gear head" most of his life - racing motocross, working on race cars and doing most of his own maintenance. He was introduced to Schaeffer Manufacturing Company through the racing products. When an Air Force buddy asked him to join Schaeffer sales team, he decided to make the move. The only thing Jack loves more about his job than the great products, is helping his customers save money, increase production and improve their equipment performance.

He lives in Bland County Virginia with his wife, Lora, their teenage daughter, adult son, 3 dogs and innumerable chickens. He attends Bastian Church of God and the family enjoys hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, ATV riding, target shooting, smoking copious amounts of meat and various outdoor activities.

Industries Served

Jack currently serves customers in construction, farming, trucking, industrial, automotive repair, landscaping and sawmills. He specializes in racing, machining and heavy equipment.

Awards & Certifications

Schaeffer New Comer of the Year
Schaeffer 100% Club