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Ryan Browning<br>Huntington, WV

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Ryan Browning<br>Huntington, WV

On Your Team, But Not on Your Payroll


Ryan Browning has lived in the Huntington, WV, area for over 20 years. He attended WV Tech where he earned a BS in Business Management and a minor in Printing. After graduation, he worked in the automotive and printing industry.

Ryan joined the Schaeffer sales force in 2014. His goal is to reduce costs to improve the bottom line profits of his customers. He begins with a plant survey to evaluate the current lubrication strategy. Next he makes suggestions to improve process and extend life of equipment components. He continues with a follow-up survey to evaluate the new process and make adjustments as needed.

Ryan is on your team, but not on your payroll. Call Ryan today at (304) 617-1630.

Industries Served

Golf Courses
Coal Mining

Awards & Certifications

Schaeffer Phase I School
Schaeffer Total Immersion Schools
Schaeffer Fuel Additive School