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Walt & Gary Borowicz<br>Genoa, OH

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Walt & Gary Borowicz<br>Genoa, OH

On Your Team, But Not on Your Payroll


Before joining Schaeffer Oil in 2007, Walt Borowicz was in business for himself as a professional chimney sweep for 25 years. During those years in business, Walt was able to build strong relationships with his customers because of his strong work ethic and his knowledge of inspecting and cleaning chimneys at a fair price. Walt brings this same attitude with him to Schaeffer Oil. Walt's promise to his customers is to build a trusting relationship and to help the customer save on their bottom line through quality lubricants.

Gary Borowicz joined Schaeffer Oil in 2008 after 34 years in the mining and aggregate industry. Gary also believes in working with customers in a professional manner so the customer can achieve significant savings through high quality lubricants. There is one question to ask yourself, "Are the lubricants I'm using today bringing value to my organization?" If the answer is no, why not give Schaeffer Oil a try?

Industries Served

Farming, tilling & drainage, demolition, trucking, school bus garages, excavation, mining, rubber, machining, lawn services, food industries, and retail outlets in our area of concentration.

Also, anyone who wants to save on their overall cost of doing business.

Awards & Certifications

Walt Borowicz
Business Mgmt. degree - University of Findlay
Schaeffer's Phase I & Phase II Training

Gary Borowicz
Schaeffer Certified Ag Specialist
Schaeffer's Phase I & Phase II Training
Honorable discharge from Army as a reservist (6 years)