Fuel Storage

Storage Problems

Maintaining healthy diesel fuel storage tanks is critical to avoiding problems associated with the build up of water, sludge, and other microorganisms that accumulate during the long-term storage of diesel fuel.

As one of the nation's largest manufacturers of gasoline and fuel additive packages for refiners, terminal operators, truck stops, and other distributors and OEM, Schaeffer offers a complete package of products and services to control the condition of your storage tanks.

Prevention: The Best Medicine

Periodic sampling and the inspection of stored fuel will reveal several important quality parameters that if gone undetected may cause unnecessary problems in the operation of a diesel generator. The early detection of contaminates will eliminate fuel related problems later on.

The Diagnosis

Fuel Analysis has become a very important part of all maintenance and purchasing functions. The cost of diesel fuel, although expensive, is small when compared to the problems that may develop without the proper purchase specifications, verification of those specifications, handling, storage, and distribution.

Generally speaking, most fuel is within grade; however, on occasion a fuel delivery may be substandard. Fuel will also degrade and become contaminated in storage and transfer. It is almost impossible to retrace the sequence of events leading up to fuel problems unless an accurate record of the quality of the fuel is maintained. This can only be done by periodic laboratory analysis of the fuel.

As part of our Fuel Dr. Rx and CFPP testing services, we will take a sample from your tank and our chemists will test for:

  • Micro-organization and fungus contamination
  • Water in parts per million (ppm)
  • Cetane Index
  • Distillation
  • API Gravity

...and then recommend the best solution.

Acute Care

Once the source of the contamination problem is pinpointed, Schaeffer can offer immediate treatment.

Tank Dry
A moisture inhibiting fuel additive that is formulated for use in all types of diesel fuels.

Fuel Shock
An oil and water soluble broad spectrum microbicide that prevents bacterial/fungal growth in fuels.
Uncontrolled microbial growth in fuel storage tanks can produce dense masses that can clog filters, pumps, and fuel lines. These microbes can also release organic acids that can accelerate the corrosion of metals resulting in damage to tanks and pumping equipment. Fuel Shock will kill and control any microbial growth.

Preventative Maintenance

Immediate treatment of a contamination problem is important, but long-term care to prevent those nasty infestations from ever gaining a foothold, is the way to go.

Diesel Treat 2000 is your long term solution to eliminating problems. With built in moisture control and microbial additives, Diesel Treat 2000 provides the protection you need to maintain healthy diesel fuel and storage tanks. Also available in Winterized Formulas.

Neutra Fuel Stabilizer and SoyShield are two other fuel additives that can help maintain the quality of your fuel storage tanks

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