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By Land Or By Sea, No Challenge Is Too Great For Schaeffer

Since 1839, business and industry have come to rely on Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants to handle the really tough lubrication jobs. That's because of the risk involved in using something less than the best.

Schaeffer's has specifically blended a product line highly suited to the boating and marine industries. Whether you're using your boat to cross oceans or for recreating on the lake, Schaeffer's products can help ensure you get the maximum performance.

Changes in the sulfur content of diesel fuel makes Schaeffer's a must to help protect your boat's engine components during winter storage periods as well. Trust Schaeffer's for your valuable vessel. We believe that once you've used Schaeffer's, you'll never trust anything less.

Supreme 7000
Supreme 7000 is a para-synthetic motor oil that contains two proven friction modifiers, Micron Moly® and Penetro®, to improve fuel economy, reduce engine wear and increase engine life. 7000 is formulated using a special additive package that exceeds gas and diesel engine manufacturers' requirements.

Citrol Cleaner & Degreaser
Citrol is a heavy duty, citrus-based solvent cleaner and degreaser that is environmentally safe, biodegradable and water soluble. It cleans surfaces and cuts through oil, grease, mildew, mold and scum. It is an excellent replacement for hazardous cleaners and degreasers. Citrol is specially formulated from a combination of organic, citrus-based solvents and multicomponent surfactant-emulsifiers. This unique blend provides Citrol with the ability to rapidly penetrate and remove a wide range of materials. Citrol's strong cleaning power and environmentally-safe ingredients makes it ideal for cleaning oils, greases, solvents and adhesives from boat hulls and decks, in or out of the water.

Supreme Gear Lube
Supreme Gear Lube enables treated equipment to carry heavier loads with reduced frictional wear. Lower units and gears run cooler and quieter. Specialized additives and demulsifiers protect gears from wear and rust, even under severe loads and in wet, contaminated environments.

Ultra Red Supreme Multi-Purpose Grease
Ultra Red Supreme is a versatile, multipurpose extreme pressure grease that is specially formulated for heavy-duty automotive and marine applications. Ultra Red Supreme is waterproof and protects trailer tires, wheel bearings and other equipment even under the most severe conditions.

Fuel Shock
Fuel Shock is a liquid oil soluble and water soluble potent broad spectrum microbicide that is designed to prevent and control bacterial and fungal growth in fuel. When boats are placed in dry-dock for winter storage, excess fuel in the vessel can sometimes come into intimate contact with water. Under these conditions the growth of micro-organisms can occur. As winter passes and temperatures begin to get warmer, these micro-organisms can produce dense masses that are capable of clogging filters, pumps and fuel lines. Microbes also release organic acids which can accelerate corrosion of metals that can result in damage to storage tanks and fuel pumping equipment. When added to fuel supplies, Fuel Shock will kill and control any microbial growth.

Neutra Fuel Treatment
Neutra is our best fuel additive for all types of combustion engines (gasoline-diesel-LP). It neutralizes the harmful effects of sulfuric acid that is a by-product of the combustion process. It increases fuel economy an average of 5-10%, cleans injectors and replaces lost lubricity in low sulfur fuels (also is a lead replacement in gasoline).

Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus 2-Cycle Motor Oil
Supreme 7000 is formulated for use in all two-cycle engines, including engines with oil injection systems. Supreme 7000 2-cycle oil is a superior 2-cycle oil that withstands a higher heat range than conventional oils (up to 250ºF more), and it starts easier than a conventional 2-cycle oil in cold weather. It is a para-synthetic oil, scientifically blended from 100% pure paraffin base oils PLUS the finest quality synthetic base stocks. Supreme 7000 is also blended with TWO proven friction modifiers, Micron Moly® and Penetro®, to improve fuel economy, reduce engine wear, and increase engine life. MEETS TC-W3. EXCEEDS all marine 2-cycle manufacturers' specs.

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