#227 Moly Roller Chain Lube

Running chains dry to avoid build-up exposes the metal to rust and increases wear on pins, bushings and sprockets. Chains stretch and wear without proper lubrication.
Tested in the hottest, driest, wettest and dustiest conditions  Moly Roller Chain Lube keeps on rolling.

Tested in the hottest, driest, wettest and dustiest conditions Schaeffer's Moly Roller Chain Lube keeps on rolling. Moly Roller Chain Lube combines the penetrating action of a superior quality penetrating oil with the lubricating ability of molybdenum disulfide - the most slippery substance known. The result is a chain lube that not only penetrates and lubricates, but also will not attract dust.

The Problem:

Getting more life out of your roller chains isn't hard if you lubricate them properly using a product specially engineered for modern roller chains. Used motor oils carry oxidation residue and sludge-forming acids into the pin area. Heavy oils don't penetrate down into the pin and bushing. And, it's the pin and bushing that wears out. Motor oil also picks up dust and dirt. This forms a lapping compound that increases wear.

Penetrates & Lubricates
The penetrating oil in Moly Roller Chain Lube acts as a carrier taking the moly into the pin and bushing, where wear takes place. The Moly plates the metal, reducing friction and increasing chain life.

Triples Chain Life
Molybdenum disulfide is a solid lubricant. It is one of the most slippery substances known. It has a bonding attraction to metal and withstands loads up to 500,000 psi. Roller chains last up to three times longer using Moly Roller Chain Lube.

Will Not Attract Dust
Moly Roller Chain Lube will not attract dust like heavy oils. The penetrating oil carries the moly to the pin and bushing and then dissipates. The chain runs relatively dry on the outside so it doesn't pick up dust, while the moly keeps it lubricated on the inside. The solid film protection lasts longer and won't fling off. For best results spray chains with Moly Roller Chain Lube and allow 5 or 10 minutes for it to penetrate before starting equipment.

O-Ring Safe & Compatible
Moly Roller Chain Lube has proven itself in O-ring installations large and small.


  • Combines
  • Balers
  • Industrial Chains
  • Tension Chains
  • Motorcycle Chains
  • Thread Lubricant
  • Medium duty up to 2" pin length


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227 Moly Roller Chain Lube - Bulk  

227 Moly Roller Chain Lube - Spray  
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