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Give your lawn equipment the Schaeffer treatment with these 5 products

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Give your lawn equipment the Schaeffer treatment with these 5 products

Give your lawn equipment the Schaeffer treatment with these 5 products

There's yard work, and then there's yard work with lawn equipment that runs on Schaeffer. Spring has arrived, and that means it’s time to give your yard some TLC. While we can't help with the allergies that are popping up, we can help keep your lawn equipment in tip-top shape. 

9046 2-Cycle Outdoor Power Equipment Engine Oil

One of our newer engine oils is made with yard work in mind. 2-Cycle Outdoor Power Equipment Engine Oil can be used in smaller engines found in lawn mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, chain saws and other 2-cycle outdoor lawn equipment.

This full synthetic oil keeps small engines clean, which helps equipment performance. Why make it harder to do work with lawn equipment that doesn’t want to cooperate? 2-Cycle Outdoor Power Equipment Engine Oil helps keep exhaust ports clean and spark plugs from fouling. A clean engine allows for longer lasting, “like new” power throughout the engine's life. Our power equipment oil also reduces friction and wear, which helps you get more life from your equipment.

  • Meets and exceeds NMMA TC-W3; JASO FC and JASO FD; ISO-L-EGC and ISO-L- EGD; API TC lubricity and pre-ignition performance.
  • Superior high-temperature performance.
  • Burns cleanly for low smoke emissions.
  • Prevents pre-detonation from combustion chamber hot spots.
  • Reduces ring and liner wear to maintain high-quality compression.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion, especially during extended storage.

190 Penetro® 90 Penetrating Oil 

Penetro 90® is a versatile, handy item to keep on hand. Give the can a good shake and you're ready to go!

Spray Penetro 90® on hose nozzles that have sat around all winter and stubborn hinges and locks that weren't used. Allow it to work in and watch as moving parts come to life. Working with equipment that has rusted or stuck bolts? Penetro 90® penetrates the rust and lubricates the threads so the bolts can be easily loosened. No need to bust your knuckles!

Penetro 90® is great for hedge trimmers and tree-pruning tools; it reduces friction and allows for easy operation. Using Penetro 90® on chain binders and ratchets is a good idea if you're hauling lawn equipment around. Penetro 90® can also be applied to hand tools to keep them from rusting. You can even quiet squeaky lawn furniture with Penetro 90® for a squeak-free summer.

Aside from its many uses, Penetro 90® is known for its impressive staying power. Some penetrating oils evaporate soon after application. That's not the case with Penetro 90®. It's oil-based formula doesn’t evaporate, so it’s lubricating benefits last longer.

  • Contains three rust and corrosion inhibitors to block moisture and protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion.
  • Busts through rust so bolts can be released with ease and without stripping the threads.
  • Goes on as a clear, light, low-odor lubricating film.
  • Resists washing away when exposed to moisture. 
  • Disperses moisture buildup and shields parts from abrasive particles. 

131 Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer

If you've never treated your lawn mower to Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer before, you’ll notice a difference when you do! Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer cleans up deposits that have built up in the fuel system.

Deposits are bad news for your equipment—they affect performance. You'll feel it when the equipment idles and while you're running it. Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer disperses those deposits to the combustion chamber where they can be safely burned and removed from the system. Without those deposits, your equipment runs more efficiently.

Once the fuel system is cleaned, keep it that way for long-term responsive equipment performance. Use Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer each time you fill up to keep injectors free from varnish, deposits and gum.

Another reason to use Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer in your gas-powered equipment—fuel system protection. Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer reduces surface wear by creating a lubricating film on the compression ring, upper cylinder, valve seats and valve guides. It neutralizes acids formed during combustion to reduce corrosive wear. Storing equipment for long periods? Treat it with Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer to keep the fuel stable.

  • Keeps engine parts free from deposits that cause inefficient smoky operations.
  • Upper cylinders, fuel pumps, injectors and carburetors are shielded against wear, rust and corrosion.
  • Increases fuel lubricity. 
  • Reduces emissions, exhaust smoke and particulates.
  • Strong wear protection for injectors, fuel pumps, compressor ring, upper cylinder, valve seats and guides.

219 SynForce Green Grease

SynForce® Green is ideal for lawn equipment because it doesn't wash out or run out when exposed to water, moisture and heat. SynForce® Green loves the outdoors!

Its waterproof performance is great for riding lawn mowers that may come in contact with moisture from the grass or morning condensation. As it's exposed to dust, dirt and debris, SynForce® Green maintains its consistency to keep parts greased longer.

SynForce® Green is our most advanced extreme-pressure grease. It protects and cushions components against wear so parts can move smoothly. By reducing friction, SynForce® Green keeps operating temperatures cooler even as outdoor temperatures heat up. Components stay properly lubricated, and equipment runs efficiently as you get work done.

  • Waterproof grease that resists washing away.
  • 100% reversibility—grease retains its consistency and remains in bearing during severe mechanical action.
  • Withstands higher operating temperatures—won't run out.
  • Good adhesive and cohesive properties so the grease stays in place and prevents the entry of contaminants.
  • Excellent extreme pressure and load-carrying capabilities – Four Ball E.P. Weld Point >800 kgs.

116BC Bar and Chain Lube

Our Bar and Chain Lube will give you the peace of mind of knowing your chain saw is properly lubricated. It may seem like it’s convenient to use used engine oil, but don’t do it. All the good performance additives have been depleted, so there’s nothing in the used oil to protect your chain saw.

Bar and Chain Lube rapidly penetrates the pins, bushings and pores of the metal parts for quick and thorough lubrication. It reduces friction on the chain, which reduces chain stretch and friction with the bar.

As you're working, that friction reduction keeps operating temperatures in check, which is better for chain saw life. Bar and Chain Lube’s detergency additives reduce the amount of sawdust and dirt that could build up on the chain, drive sprockets and bar. It has just enough tackiness and the proper viscosity to provide a much cooler running chain saw and easy cleanup. The chain stays thoroughly lubricated so you’re not risking damage to your equipment. You’ll maintain clean and accurate cuts from the chain saw with each use.

  • Resists slinging off and splattering.
  • Reduces wear and chain stretch.
  • Low frictional properties to eliminate stick-slip and chatter of the bar and chain.
  • Cooler chain operating temperatures.
  • Year-round use: no need to change products as seasonal temperatures change.
  • Forms a protective layer that rejects abrasives such as dirt, sand and wood particles.

Take care of your equipment while you take care of your yard. You can with Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants. To find a rep in your area, click here to use our Rep Locator, or to find a retailer in your area, click here to use our Retail Locator.