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High Performance Greases

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High Performance Greases

Less bearing failures, longer lasting greases

For strong bearing and bushing protection and optimal performance, you need grease capable of lasting longer in extreme conditions. You need Schaeffer’s grease.

Severe working conditions are no match for our versatile greases. Using advanced load carrying properties, Schaeffer’s greases prevent metal-to-metal contact during periods of tremendous pressure, increased heat and high shock loads. Even when exposed to moisture and containments, our greases retain their grease-like consistency. This unique staying power means less grease application while providing optimal bearing performance.

With a reputation for lasting two to three times longer than the competition, our greases simplify maintenance and reduce operating costs. See for yourself what others have experienced – components last longer with Schaeffer’s greases.

Reduce Friction and Wear

Our robust greases provide a durable shield against friction and wear. This enables moving parts to rotate smoothly and freely so your equipment can operate efficiently with less downtime.

Reduce Grease Consumption

Blended with advanced thickeners and base oils, our greases resist thinning out and separating as conditions intensify. Schaeffer’s greases stay with the bearings and keep them properly lubricated for extended periods of time.

Resist Washout

When exposed to water, Schaeffer’s greases resist emulsifying and washing away on components. Our rust inhibiting additives give our greases the strength they need to form a seal against water and shield surfaces from rust and corrosion.

Strong Load Carrying Capabilities

Fortified with moly and anti-wear additives, Schaeffer’s greases withstand tremendous loads up to 500,000 psi. Significantly less friction occurs in components, resulting in less wear and cooler area temperatures – which ultimately leads to longer equipment life.

No Wear

Extreme Pressure


Multi-Purpose Grease

197 Moly Pure Synthetic Grease

Low tack, water resistant, bentone base grease for heavy-duty equipment operating in wide temperature ranges.

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219 SynForce™ Green Waterproof Grease

Extreme heavy-duty, multi-purpose, aluminum complex base grease designed to withstand the demands of extreme and intense working environments.

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221 Moly Ultra

Low tack, all-purpose, extreme pressure, waterproof grease for hot and wet applications, electric motor bearings and automotive wheel bearings. Aluminum complex.

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229 Ultra Red Supreme

Extra tack, synthetic blend, red color, waterproof grease for use where a clean grease is needed. Aluminum complex.

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238 Ultra Supreme

Extra tack, heavy-duty, waterproof grease that meets Caterpillar’s 5% moly specification. Aluminum complex.

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274 Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease

Low tack, waterproof grease with synthetic blend base oils that enable the use of one grease for summer and fall. Aluminum complex.

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248 Moly Syngard™ 2000

Extra tack, water resistant, versatile grease ideal for hot, wet or heavily loaded applications, especially when temperatures are above 350ºF. Bentone base.

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260 Perma Moly

Extra tack, water resistant grease for industrial bearings and machinery operating under heavy load and high temperatures. Bentone base.

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Food Grade Grease

Schaeffer Grease

195 SuperTac Food Grade Grease H-1

Our most waterproof food grade grease. Aluminum complex based with adhesive and cohesive additives.

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Schaeffer Grease

271 Synthetic Food Grade Grease H-1

Full synthetic, bentone-based grease ideal for high temperatures. Available in tacky or non-tacky.

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Specialty Grease

206 Hi-Temp Cotton Picker Grease

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216 SynForce® Strike Chisel Paste

Extreme temperature and pressure grease formulated exclusively for hydraulic hammer, breaker and chisel applications.

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228 Super HV Red NLGI #2

Aluminum complex. Extra tack, waterproof, red grease for use where a clean grease is needed.

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278 Polyurea Grease

Extreme pressure grease to provide the severe lubrication requirements of plain and rolling-element bearings in long service applications. Polyurea.

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286 Hi-Temp Grease With Copper

Grease must reach 600 °F or higher consistently before it will lubricant effectively. Silica gel thickener.

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