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195 SuperTac Food Grade Grease H-1

NLGI #1 & #2

SuperTac Food Grade Grease H-1 is an extreme pressure, anti-wear, high temperature, extra tacky grease for use in food, feed and pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment.

SuperTac Food Grade Grease H-1 is made with the highest quality, highly refined and purified non-toxic pure paraffin base technical white, USP grade white oils and polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids available. Further blended into this H-1 grease is an aluminum complex base thickener, adhesive/cohesive additives and food grade anti-microbial agents.

SuperTac Food Grade Grease H-1 can be used in the lubrication of ball, roller, journal and sliding bearing applications and chain applications, where there is a chance of incidental contact with food, foodstuffs, drinking water, potable water or ground water may occur.

SuperTac Food Grade Grease H-1 is the most waterproof food grade grease we offer. Synthetic Food Grade Grease H-1 meets USDA 1998 H-1 guidelines and is NSF registered.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent resistance to acidic compounds.
  • Excellent shear and mechanical stability: grease stays in place, resists separating and running off components.
  • Increased oxidation stability. 
  • Protects against rancidity and buildup due to bacterial and fungal growth.
  • High dropping point.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Resists emulsifying, washing out and spraying off when exposed to moisture.
  • Contains PTFE for extra protection.