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Better durability for more uptime and productivity

Changing fuel prices and rising equipment costs combined with tight job schedules are forcing contractors to find new ways to manage their business. Equipment breakdowns can bring work to a halt – and the cost of downtime quickly adds up. When you need equipment running all day, you need lubricants rugged enough to withstand severe conditions. You need Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants.

Extreme temperatures, heavy loads and long days working in dirt, rocks and dust – we can take it. Delivering excellent stay-in-grade performance, our lubricants can more than meet the demands of your equipment. Our lubricants create a lasting shield against friction, wear and heat. Metal surfaces, seals and hoses are protected from extremities, which means fewer breakdowns on the jobsite. Hour after hour, equipment runs cooler and operates smoother as you dig, lift and move.

Put our products to the test. We’re ready to help you reduce downtime, extend equipment life and protect profitability.

Excellent Compatibility with Seals and Hoses

Leaking seals and hose failures rob your equipment of efficiency and expose your lubricants to contaminants. Schaeffer’s products are engineered to be compatible with a wide range of seals and hoses, which promotes longer component and fluid life and less hassle.

Extended Fuel Economy and Drain Intervals

Reducing friction, heat and wear means equipment doesn’t have to work harder or use more fuel and fluids to stay productive. Schaeffer’s products help you lower operating costs by reducing fuel and lubricant usage.

Reduced Varnish, Soot and Carbon Buildups

Equipment works harder and uses more fuel and lubricants when inner components are clogged with varnish, soot and carbon buildup. Using enhanced detergency additives, our lubricants help disperse this harmful gunk and provide exceptional keep-clean performance.

Reduce operating temperatures

Overheating equipment causing you to lose valuable hours on the job site? Our lubricants reduce friction and dissipate heat faster so you can keep working longer. Cooler operating temperatures prolongs your lubricant and equipment life.

  • Engine Oils
    SynShield™ Durability Advantage 15W-40

    700 SynShield™ Durability Advantage 15W-40

    Synthetic plus, heavy-duty diesel oil that provides stronger durability, better soot control and stronger wear protection to equipment working long hours in severely harsh conditions. Exceeds API CK-4.

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  • Fuel Additives
    CarbonTreat Premium

    137CTPS CarbonTreat™ Premium Summer

    Cleans and prevents deposits from forming in high-pressure common rail fuel systems. Exceeds DW-10 detergency specifications and contains less than 15PPM sulfur. Summer blend.

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    137CTPW CarbonTreat™ Premium Winter

    Cleans and prevents deposits from forming in high-pressure common rail fuel systems. Exceeds DW-10 detergency specifications and contains less than 15PPM sulfur. Winter blend

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    DieselTreat 2000 Ultra Low Sulfur

    137 DieselTreat 2000™ Ultra Low Sulfur

    Adds lubricity, and protects against bacteria. Meets DW-10 detergency specifications, and contains less than 15PPM sulfur. Available in summer, winter and all season blends.

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    137ULSW DieselTreat 2000™ Ultra Low Sulfur

    Upgrades diesel #2 to premium diesel; meets DW-10 detergency specifications, and contains less than 15PPM sulfur. Winter blend.

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  • Multi-purpose Greases
    Synforce Green Waterproof Green

    219 SynForce™ Green Waterproof Grease

    Extreme heavy-duty, multi-purpose, aluminum complex base grease designed to withstand the demands of extreme and intense working environments..

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    Ultra Red Supreme

    229 Ultra Red Supreme

    Aluminum complex. Extra tack, waterproof, synthetic blend, red color grease for use where a clean grease is needed.

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    Ultra Supreme

    238 Ultra Supreme

    Aluminum complex. Extra tack, waterproof, heavy-duty grease that meets Caterpillar’s 5% moly specification. 

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    Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease

    274 Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease

    Aluminum complex. Low tack, water proof grease with synthetic blend base oils that enable the use of one grease for summer and fall. Also available with extra moly (274M2) to meet Caterpillar’s 5% moly grease specification

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  • Gear Lubricants
    Supreme One For All 80W-140

    214S Supreme One For All 80W-140

    Para-synthetic, multi-grade lubricant for use under severe wide ambient temperature ranges.

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    Super Lube Supreme SAE 50

    239S Super Lube Supreme SAE 50

    Para-synthetic, Cat TO-4 fluid for final drives in front end loaders and haul trucks and dozers, and Eaton® (Fuller) Roadranger and Meritor (Rockwell) transmissions not under extended warranty.

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    Super Lube Supreme Arctic with DYNAVIS 0W-20

    239S020 Super Lube Supreme Arctic with DYNAVIS® 0W-20

    Full synthetic, multi-grade fluid for transmissions, torque convertors, final drives, hydraulics and wet brakes as well as machines with combined systems in Caterpillar and other OEM off-road equipment.

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    Supreme Gear Lube 80W-90

    293A Supreme Gear Lube 80W-90

    Non-tacky, para-synthetic, extreme pressure lubricant with soluble moly for use in enclosed industrial and automotive gear drives.

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    Supreme Gear Lube SAE 140

    294 Supreme Gear Lube SAE 140

    ISO 320, 460 & 680
    Para-synthetic, extreme pressure lubricant for use in enclosed industrial and automotive gear drives.

    EcoShield Biodegradable EP Gear Oil

    567 EcoShield™ Biodegradable EP Gear Oil

    ISO 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 460 & 680
    For industrial gear drives, slide and way systems, gear stamping and machine press applications subjected to heavy loading or shock loading conditions.

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  • Transmission Fluids
    All-Trans Supreme

    204SAT All-Trans Supreme

    Recommended for use in automatic transmissions specifying GM Dexos III(H); Ford MERCON and MERCON V; and Chryser ATF +3 and +4.

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    Dexron VI/MERCON LV Automatic Transmission Fluid

    205A Dexron VI/MERCON LV Automatic Transmission Fluid

    Recommended for General Motors and Ford vehicles that specify the use of Dexron VI and MERCON LV fluids respectively; it’s also suitable for use in automatic transmissions that require a JASO-1A (JWS 3309) fluid.

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    HTC Oil (with VarniShield)

    112 HTC Oil (with VarniShield®)

    ISO 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150 & 220

    Anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibited hydraulic lubricant with a high viscosity index. Helps reduce operating temperatures and varnish buildup in valves, and offers excellent thermal and oxidation stability.

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    113 VarniClean®

    Powerful cleaning action removes varnish buildup in hydraulic equipment. To protect from future buildup, use our hydraulic oils with VarniShield® after using VarniClean®.

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    DI-LEX Supreme Hydraulic Fluid with DYNAVIS (with VarniShield)

    275S, 275SW DI-LEX Supreme Hydraulic Fluid with DYNAVIS© (withVarniShield©)

    Para-synthetic dielectric oil for boom trucks, mobile equipment and hydraulic applications that operate in wide ambient temperature ranges.

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    Simplex Supreme

    315 Simplex Supreme

    Para-synthetic base for higher heat resistance and better cold weather performance. Universal transmission hydraulic fluid. Exceeds most farm tractor specs; check technical data sheet for full details.

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    EcoShield Biodegradable HTC Oil

    512 EcoShield Biodegradable HTC Oil

    ISO 32 through 68

    Readily biodegradable, environmentally friendly, ecologically responsive, non-toxic fluid for high pressure industrial, marine, construction and mobile hydraulic systems, turbines and circulating oil systems that are operated in environmentally sensitive areas. Meets USDA definition EO 13101 for bio-based products.

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  • Specialty Products
    Penetro 90

    190 Penetro 90

    Lubricates all types of moving parts that have become difficult to operate. Triples protection against corrosion.

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    Moly Roller Chain Lube

    227 Moly Roller Chain Lube

    Penetrating oil with moly for medium or high-speed chains. Will not collect dust. O-ring safe.

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    266 Citrol

    Biodegradable, heavy-duty, citrus-based degreaser with astonishing cleaning power. Check TD sheet for VOC requirements.

    Turbo Red Cleaners

    332 Turbo Red Cleaner

    Cleans like a harsh caustic without the environmental and safety issues. Mixes with water. Available as highly concentrated and less concentrated.

    Crete Crusher

    350 Crete Crusher

    Effectively dissolves up to 1/4” of concrete residue; safe on most surfaces – spot test before using.

    SchaefferSeal Tire Sealant

    743 SchaefferSeal™ Tire Sealant

    Closes punctures and leaks with a permanent seal almost immediately. Prevents flats from punctures up to 3/16”, maintains tire pressure and reduces the risk of blowouts.