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Food Grade Lubricants

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Food Grade Lubricants

Round the clock, problem-free production

Keep your production line running at full capacity and reduce component failures with Schaeffer’s H1 lubricants. We believe lubricants should increase the efficiency and profitability of your operation. That’s why we designed our H1 lubricants to not only last longer in harsh environments, but to also keep equipment running in peak condition.

Working with high temperatures, water or steam? No problem. Our resilient food grade lubricants maintain performance, and won’t wash out, melt or lose consistency. Batch after batch, Schaeffer’s H1 lubricants protect costly components from wear for longer equipment life and more uptime.

Our H1 lubricants consistently produce results you can rely on: less production interruptions, increased output and longer equipment life.

Meet Federal Regulations

Our food grade lubricants are NSF H1 registered and meet the requirements for a USDA H1 quality lubricant and the requirements of the United States Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR 178.3570, 178.3620(b), and 573.680 of the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Regulations.

Prevent Bacterial Growth

Using acceptable USDA and FDA preservatives, our H1 lubricants effectively control, inhibit and slow the growth of bacteria, yeast and molds that may occur from incidental contact.

Reduce Corrosion-related Failures

Our rust inhibiting additives give our food grade lubricants the strength they need to shield surfaces against rust and corrosion for extended equipment life. Rust-free surfaces also make it easier to keep equipment clean for safe food and pharmaceutical processing.

Protect Components from Wear

Packed with advanced anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, our H1 lubricants significantly reduce friction and wear. Mechanical components can move smoothly and efficiently without causing metal-to-metal contact.

Schaeffer food grade grease

195 SuperTac Food Grade Grease H1

Our most waterproof food grade grease. Aluminum complex based with adhesive and cohesive additives.

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Schaeffer food grade grease

271 Synthetic Food Grade Grease H1

Full synthetic, tacky, bentone-based grease that’s ideal for high temperatures.

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Schaeffer food grade grease

272 Synthetic Food Grade Grease H1

Full synthetic, non-tacky, bentone-based grease that’s ideal for high temperatures.

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190FG Penetro® Green H1

Food grade chain lube and penetrating oil that cleans and protects against abrasive debris.

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276 Synthetic Food Grade Gear Lube H1

Reduces operating temperatures; compatible with all types of seals and coatings.

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269 Hydraulic Oil H1

Even in high temperatures, this full synthetic, low volatility lubricant is designed to reduce oil loss and emissions. Recommended for compressor applications.

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280 Food Grade HTC

Anti-wear oil recommended for use in compressors, hydraulics, vacuum pumps, and other general oiling applications.

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450 Food Grade H1 High Temp Chain Lube

Specialty oil designed for chains exposed to temperatures up to 600º F. Low volatility and high smoke point.

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287 Food Grade Flushing Agent

Light anti-wear food grade oil for use in flushing and cleaning gearboxes, hydraulic systems and compressors.