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Metalworking Fluids

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Metalworking Fluids

Maximize equipment life

Changes in raw material costs, customer contracts and batch sizes are posing new challenges for today’s machine shops. Keeping equipment functioning properly goes a long way in managing costs and maintaining output. That’s where we can help.

Equipment failures can bring work to a screeching halt – and quickly drill a hole in your budget. Schaeffer’s metalworking fluids deliver high value and unmatched performance that keep your equipment drilling, cutting, forming and shaping. Using carefully selected components and quality base stocks, our fluids reduce wear and heat, and flush out chips and debris. Part after part, our fluids help improve surface finish and extend tool life without adding to your maintenance costs.

See for yourself why machine shops across the country choose Schaeffer’s metalworking fluids.

Rust & Corrosion Protection

Our rust inhibiting additives and emulsifier system give metalworking fluids the strength they need to resist rancidity, a drop in pH and corrosion on parts, tools and machinery.

Heat & Wear Protection

With lubricity and anti-weld additives, our metalworking fluids provide a boundary film that reduces the coefficient of friction between the tool and the work-piece interface. Reducing friction results in greater dimensional accuracy, higher turning speeds and feeds and extended tool life.

Strong Bioresistance and Biostability

Avoid the Monday morning odors. Our metalworking fluids reject tramp oil contamination, which eliminates the potential food source for bacteria and fungus in the sump.

125 Honing Oil

Very low odor, chlorine-free, heavy-duty, active sulfur base, low viscosity oil for use on the honing and super-finishing of ferrous and certain non-ferrous metals as well as engine blocks and cylinders.

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128N Odorless Sulfurized Cutting Oil

Very low odor, chlorine-free, heavy-duty, active sulfur base cutting oil for use in moderate to severe machining operations of ferrous metals, alloys with low machinability ratings and certain non-ferrous metals.

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160 Moly Slide And Way Lube with VarniShield®

Non-drip oil for machine tool slides and ways. Eliminates stick slip and chatter.

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311 Synkool SS

Water-soluble, semi-synthetic, bio-stable, low foaming, non-staining metalworking fluid for use in grinding and other high speed light to heavy-duty machining operations.

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324 Spindle Oil

Low viscosity, anti-wear, high-speed spindle oil with soluble moly and VarniShield®.

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411 MaxKool SS®

Semi-synthetic, micro-emulsion metalworking fluid for a wide variety of alloys (not for use on very water reactive metals). For applications requiring moderate pressure fluid processes.

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412 Tap Shield

Water miscible, extreme pressure tapping fluid for use on all types of metals. Will not stain, excellent cooling, will not harden and leave residues. Low VOC content.

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414 MaxKool Ultra

Semi-synthetic, micro-emulsion metalworking fluid for high pressure circulating system. For use with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, DEA free and biostable. (Not for use on very water reactive metals.)

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511 UltraKool SS®

Semi-synthetic, micro-emulsion metalworking removal fluid with excellent foam control, bio-static resistivity and non-staining properties. For use in hard water, high pressure and low maintenance conditions. (Not for use on very water reactive metals.)

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611 Machine Kleen™

Made with surfactants and bio-static additives; penetrates bio-film and loosens debris, allowing quicker removal and better cleaning.

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