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128N Odorless Sulfurized Cutting Oil

Odorless Sulfurized Cutting Oil is a dark, active sulfur base metalworking fluid recommended for use on ferrous metals and certain non-ferrous metals such as nickel and certain types of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Odorless Sulfurized Cutting Oil contains a unique synergistic extreme pressure additive system and fatty oil additive. This unique combination allows the cutting oil to readily react at the chip-tool interface and form an effective high lubricity boundary lubricant to reduce friction and heat.

Performance Benefits

  • Exceptional lubricity and extreme pressure properties.
  • Increased cutting speeds, feel and depth of cut.
  • Longer tool life, and increased machine tool output.
  • Superior surface finish on the work piece and parts.
  • Closer tolerances.
  • Minimized machine downtime.
  • Low to no odor properties.
  • Low to no smoke/mist tendencies.