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Industrial Oils and Fluids

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Industrial Oils and Fluids

Count on Schaeffer’s durability and performance

When you’re looking for high performance products designed for unique applications in adverse conditions, then you’ve come to the right place. Our specialized industrial oils deliver the same beyond expectation performance you expect from Schaeffer. Each product is tailored to meet specific needs so you don’t have compromise on equipment protection. 

Give us a try. See how we put the special into Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants.

Extend Component Life

Our specialty lubricants protect costly parts and components from wear and tear, keeping them like new longer. You save valuable time and money by protecting and extending the service life of your equipment.

Better Oxidation & Thermal Stability

Our lubricants consistently resist oxidation and breaking down longer than conventional oils. That lasting staying power helps optimize your machinery’s performance while reducing drain intervals. As the going gets tough, we keep your machines protected.

Reduce Wear

Using advanced anti-wear additives, our oils reduce friction and wear, which is key to keeping your equipment running longer. Less friction means higher efficiency and lower operating costs.

127 Moly Rock Drill Oil

Anti-wear, extreme pressure, emulsifiable, low fog generating oil for use in pneumatically operated rock drills, drifters, jackhammers, sinkers and other air operated percussion tools and pneumatic equipment used in underground, surface mining, contractor and other industrial applications.

161 Moly Air Line Oil with VarniShield®

Anti-wear oil for low pressure and high-pressure airlines and all types of pneumatic air tool systems where excessive operating temperatures are seen and protection against varnish is needed.

203B Moly EP Industrial Machine Lube

Heavy-duty, non-drip lubricant for slide and way systems that require a light to medium viscosity, extreme pressure gear lube and other machine tools that require a general purpose, extreme pressure oil.

265 Glyco Torque Fluid

Anti-wear, glycol polymer-thickened type first resistant fluid designed for use in hydraulic systems operating up to 150°F and at system pressures of 2000 psi or greater.

281 Heat Transfer Oil

Non-corrosive, non-fouling, paraffinic heat transfer fluid providing fast and efficient heat transfer when used in open loop or closed system applications with expansion tank temperatures up to 600°F.

324 Spindle Oil

Low viscosity, anti-wear, high-speed spindle oil with soluble moly and VarniShield®.