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#324 Moly Spindle Oil

701 Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus 5W-30

Moly Spindle Oil ISO 10

Moly Spindle Oil ISO 22

Moly Spindle Oil is premium quality anti-wear oil that is specially formulated for use in the lubrication of high speed spindle bearings in precision grinders and other machine tools that require the use of low viscosity oils.

It is blended from the finest high viscosity index solvent refined severely hydro-treated 100% paraffin oils available. Further blended into these paraffin base oils is a highly specialized multi-functional additive package that provides the Moly Spindle Oil with the following performance advantages:

  1. Excellent anti-wear protection.
  2. Minimized wear under high load conditions, including those caused by spindle wobble from imbalanced loads.
  3. Excellent rust and corrosion protection.
  4. Excellent anti-foam and air release properties.
  5. Reduced sludge, varnish and deposit formation.
  6. Enhanced thermal and oxidative stability.
  7. Extended spindle life.
  8. Reduced system maintenance.

High speed spindle bearings are generally subjected to shock loads and occasional overloading. These conditions often result in boundary lubrication conditions, which can result in excessive wear.

Though Moly Spindle Oil contains and exceptional anti-wear performance additive package that last longer than most conventional anti-wear spindle oils, even this exceptional anti-wear package will disappear over time. To fortify the Moly Spindle Oil's anti-wear capabilities, Micron Moly® is further blended into the product.

Micron Moly® is a liquid soluble type of Moly that plates itself to the sliding, rolling and rubbing surfaces of the spindle bearings. This plating action forms a long lasting solid lubricant film on these surfaces that will withstand pressures up to 500,000 pounds per square inch. Once plated to these sliding, rolling and rubbing surfaces, the Micron Moly® not only produces a smooth finished surface, but also reduces friction between the moving parts. This results in less heat being generated, which in turn not only reduces operating temperatures, but less downtime as well.

Moly Spindle Oil can be applied by misting, drop feed, force-feed and wick feed, hand oiling or by the use of circulation systems. Selections of the proper grade of Moly Spindle Oil will result in maximum bearing life. The machine builder's recommendations should always be considered.

Moly Spindle Oil is also recommended for use in certain hydraulic systems requiring the use of an ISO viscosity grade 22 rust and oxidation inhibited anti-wear oil. Moly Spindle Oil ISO 22 also provides excellent performance in airline oilers.