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Open Gear and Wire Rope Lubes

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Open Gear and Wire Rope Lubes

Withstand pressure and extremities with ease

To maximize the service life of your open gears and wire threads, you need lubricants capable of withstanding extreme pressures in changing weather conditions. You need Schaeffer’s lubricants.

Using advanced adhesive and film forming additives, our lubricants quickly penetrate wire threads and lubricate metal surfaces of gears to create a highly durable film. When subjected to high shock loading and vibration, our lubricants tenaciously cling to threads and gear teeth. Even when exposed to moisture and containments, our lubricants resist adhering to dirt and abrasives, and resist water washout. This unique staying power means less lubricant application and longer component life.

See for yourself why so many trust their gears and threads to Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants.

Resist Weather

Schaeffer’s lubricants maintain consistency and performance over longer periods, allowing for a wider range of use without the extra hassle. In colder temperatures, our lubricants will not harden or chip, and in hotter temperatures, our lubricants resist thinning and running out.

Reduce Friction

Fortified with moly and various solid lubricants, our heavy-duty products significantly reduce friction and wear even when subjected to adverse conditions. This extra layer of protection helps extend the life of your threads and gears.

Rust and Corrosion Protection

Moisture and outdoor elements can weaken wire threads and gears, which can lead to premature failure. Our lubricants form a protective seal on vulnerable surfaces to shield them from damaging rust and corrosion.

Highly Adhesive

Where you apply our lubricants is where they stay – even when subjected to intense working conditions or applied to gears in a vertical position. This means less product buildup on components, and less product usage without putting your equipment at risk.

Schaeffer wire rope

199 Silver Streak® Wire Rope

Robust lubricant that retains its consistency and extends service life of wire ropes – even when operating in high or low ambient temperatures. Forms a non-tacky surface that resists dirt and abrasives, providing strong rust and corrosion protection.

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200 Silver Streak® Multi-Lube Spray

Heavy-duty lubricant that remains soft and pliable long after it's been applied. Resists squeeze out, clings tenaciously and forms an almost indestructible adhesive film with a cushioning effect.

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200S Silver Streak® Special

Extreme pressure lubricant for open gears, dipper sticks, house rails and rollers. Available in various grades.

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225 Moly Tool Joint

Anti-wear, extreme pressure lube for sealing pipe threads (except API thread pipes or pipe threads used in water applications).