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200S Silver Streak® Multi-Lube Special

Silver Streak® Special is a para-synthetic, heavy-duty, extreme pressure, non-solvent, multi-service lubricant for use in heavily loaded open gears.

Silver Streak® Special is compounded from a unique blend of select solvent refined, severely hydrofinished, high viscosity index paraffin base oils and polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base oils. Using superior adhesive film-forming characteristics, Silver Streak® Special tenaciously clings to gear teeth and remains soft and pliable long after it's been applied. Further blended into Silver Streak® Special is molybdenum disulfide and various solid lubricants, which strengthen Silver Streak® Special’s film strength and load carrying capabilities.

Forming an almost indestructible adhesive film, Silver Streak® Special provides a cushioning effect that lasts even under extreme pressure and low speeds.

Performance Benefits

  • Reduces pitting of the mating surfaces.
  • Resists films destruction by containing oils or greases migrating from nearby mechanisms.
  • Exceptional physical and mechanical stability.
  • Minimizes the vibration of stick slip.
  • Will not harden, chip or flake off or form a hard pack buildup - especially in cold weather.
  • Reduces contact temperatures.
  • Strong resistance to rain, snow and water washout.
  • Excellent wear protection.
  • Reduces lubricant consumption rate.
  • Strong protection against corrosion.­