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511 UltraKool SS™

UltraKool SS™ is a multi-purpose semi-synthetic, very low foaming, biostable, non-staining metalworking fluid recommended for machining and grinding operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It’s particularly recommend for those machining operations that employ the use of high pressure and high-speed machines.

UltraKool SS™ possesses excellent cooling, extreme pressure, and lubricity properties needed for high speed machining operations. UltraKool SS™ contains surface-active ingredients, which enable the fluid to wet and lubricate the metal surfaces of the tool and the workpiece. UltraKool SS™ Ultra also contains synthetic lubricity and anti-weld additives that provide extreme pressure protection to reduce the coefficient of friction and heat between the tool and the workpiece interface. This in turn results in greater dimensional accuracy, higher turning speeds and feeds, prevention of the chips from welding to the cutting tools, improved surface finish and extended tool life.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent cooling and lubricity.
  • Eliminates smoking and misting characteristics.
  • Provides strong detergency action to keep machine and tools clean.
  • Resists rancidity and drop in pH, which prevents rusting.
  • Excellent bioresistance and biostability.
  • Allows for better visibility of the workplace. 
  • Able to machine at high speeds and feed rates.
  • Protects against rancidity and Monday morning smell.
  • Superior rust and corrosion inhibition on all ferrous and nonferrous metals.