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411 Maxkool™ SS

Maxkool SS™ is a micro-emulsion, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed to machine a wide variety of alloys from aluminum to cast iron. It exhibits excellent biostatic control along with non-staining qualities. Maxkool SS™ is effective for milling, tapping, sawing, reaming, and other types of machining applications requiring moderate nozzle presses. Maxkool SS™ is recommended for use in those machines that have coolant nozzle pressures up to 800 psi.

Maxkool SS™ possess excellent cooling, extreme pressure, lubricity and film boundary forming characteristics and properties. Maxkool SS™ contains a unique group of surface-active ingredients, lubricity, anti-weld and extreme pressure additive systems, which enable the fluid to wet and lubricate the metal surfaces of the tool and workpiece. Maxkool SS™ penetrates into the cutting zone to form a chemical/metal bond that reduces friction and rapidly cools the part/tool interface through a physical characteristic call inverse solubility.

Our combination of cooling and extreme pressure/lubricity properties effectively transfers heat away from the cutting zone, thus reducing friction between the cutting tool and the workpiece. This in turn results in greater dimensional accuracy, higher turning speeds and feeds, prevention of the chips from welding to the cutting tools, improved surface finish and extended tool life.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent cooling and lubricity.
  • Eliminates smoking and misting characteristics.
  • Resists rancidity and drop in pH, which prevents rusting.
  • Excellent bioresistance and biostability.
  • Allows for better visibility of the workplace.
  • Able to machine at high speeds and feed rates.
  • Protects against rancidity and Monday morning smell.
  • Prolongs sump life.
  • Increased productivity and lower operating costs.
  • Superior rust and corrosion inhibition on all ferrous and nonferrous metals.