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280 Food Grade HTC

ISO 22- 100

Food Grade HTC is an anti-wear H-1 oil for use in food, feed and pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment. Food Grade HTC is made with the finest quality, highly refined, severely hydro-finished, purified, non-toxic, non-staining 100% paraffin base technical white and U.S.P. grade white oils available.

It’s recommended for use in compressors, hydraulics, vacuum pump, and other general oiling applications. Food Grade HTC meets USDA 1998 H-1 guidelines and is NSF registered.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent lubricity and film strength.
  • Enhanced oxidation and thermal stability.
  • Reduces deposits from forming - even at elevated temperatures.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Stays in place; maintains consistency.
  • Strong resistance to acidic compounds.
  • Does not promote the growth of bacterial and fungal organisms.