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Penetro 90®

Penetro 90® is a high performance penetrating oil that lubricates all types of moving parts that have become difficult to operate.

Penetro 90® is oil based and blended from our patented formula of penetrating oils, synthetic isoparaffinic hydrocarbons, special friction releasing and extreme pressure additives, and three different types of rust and corrosion inhibitors. This unique blend allows Penetro 90® to penetrate deep into the pores of metals, and cover surfaces with a light, clear lubricating film with lasting staying power. When sprayed onto rusty bolts, Penetro 90® coats each rust particle and acts like tiny ball bearings, allowing the rust particles to easily slide over each other.

Performance Benefits

  • Prevents thread stripping; busts through rust.
  • Projects against corrosion, rust and abrasive particles.
  • Triples the life of hoist chains and sprockets.
  • Doesn't affect seal materials or coatings.
  • Greatly reduces friction and wear.
  • Protects against moisture and moisture buildup.
  • Superior extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.
  • Lasting performance in salt water environments.