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Boyd McKenzie<br>Courtenay, ND

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Boyd McKenzie<br>Courtenay, ND

On Your Team, But Not on Your Payroll


Boyd McKenzie began his career as a Schaeffer Manufacturing Company sales rep in 2008. Boyd has helped his customers get set up with the oil analysis program and with the Fuel DR. program for testing fungus, water and other contaminants in fuel. He can also collect fuel samples for testing cold filter plug point (CFPP).

Before Schaeffer Manufacturing Sales Rep, Boyd did custom harvesting from Oklahoma to North Dakota along with some farming in North Dakota. He enjoys family time, whenever everyone can get together. He is married to Laurie and is the proud father of one son and five daughters. Boyd enjoys the spring season for planting the garden, along with camping in the summer, fall harvest and hunting.

When you need help with a lubrication or fuel storage problem, please contact Boyd at (701) 320-9127.

Industries Served

Boyd works with farms of all sizes, ethanol plants, machine shops, fuel distributors, trucking companies, racing teams, retailers, oil changing facilities, and with recreational units of all types.

Awards & Certifications

Schaeffer Certified Ag Specialist
Schaeffer Phase I and Phase II certification