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Doug Rogers<br>Kansas City, MO

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Doug Rogers<br>Kansas City, MO

On Your Team, But Not on Your Payroll


Doug Rogers began his career as a Schaeffer Manufacturing Company sales rep in 1993. He is a full-time Schaeffer Sales Representative and maintains product inventory in the Kansas City area. He believes that SERVICE is a key element to his business.

Doug discovered Schaeffer through a friend and Schaeffer sales rep, Phil Simms. Doug had always enjoyed meeting and helping people, so he decided to give it a try. He found that he liked the one-on-one interaction with the customer, controlling his time and setting goals. He learned the industry from his customers by researching and finding a solution to their problems. If he didn't know the answer, he did what it took to find the answer.

Doug attended Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg. He and his family live in south Kansas City. Doug enjoys playing golf and scuba diving.

Industries Served

Industrial Plants
Food Grade Plants
Machine Shops

Awards & Certifications

Schaeffer Certified Ag Specialist
Marty Schwab Sales Award
Lawrence Ludwig Technical Award
Schaeffer's TIAP Class and CLS Training
Million Dollar Sales Club since 2005
Top 25 Sales Reps since 2001
100% Club since 1996