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June Tamminga<br>Cambria, WI

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June Tamminga<br>Cambria, WI

On Your Team, But Not on Your Payroll


June Tamminga joined the Schaeffer Manufacturing Company sales force in 1997. Schaeffer has been a part of her life for a long time. Her Dad, Jense Tamminga, started selling Schaeffer products when June was is high school. Then, her brother-in-law, Earl VanBuren, sold with June's Dad. Sadly, Jense and Earl both passed away. At that time, June was looking for a new job and Schaeffer gave her that chance. It is a great family run company, where they call everyone by name and make you feel special.

June's favorite part of the job is meeting with customers. As a Schaeffer Sales Rep, she gets to sell a great product and make new friends--Good People. Great Products.

Industries Served

June specializes in trucking, agricuture & industry, all of your needs, in saving you money and time. She can also help you with your fuel additives and fuel storage, advising there customers regarding diesel fuel and bio-diesel issues.

Awards & Certifications

June has attended Schaeffer's PHASE 1 & PHASE 2 training, as well as the TIAP (Total Immersion Application Program).
June has been recognized as a member of Schaeffer's 100% Club.


June was a member of the Park Board in Cambria, where they raised money for a new pool in town.
Cambria Chamber of Commerce.
Member of the church in Friesland.