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Laura Ahac<br>Mt. Pleasant, MI

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Laura Ahac<br>Mt. Pleasant, MI

On Your Team, But Not on Your Payroll


Laura Ahac's first day selling with Schaeffer Manufacturing Company was May13, 2019. A friend talked with her about joining the Schaeffer sales team for nearly a year before she decided to take the plunge. The family values and the quality of the products was partly what sold her on the job, but the fact that she can be in an environment that she enjoys everyday is what really sold her. Plus, she gets to work in Central Michigan which is where she grew up.

Before starting with Schaeffer, Laura worked many different jobs including a job at a battery factory in Clare, MI. After getting laid off, she started with Schaeffer immediately. She states, "It was the best thing that could have happened to me."

Laura's promise to her customers is that they will get a consistent quality product and will never be left in the dark with questions. She enjoys spending time with her customers and considers them family.

Industries Served

Laura enjoys working with customers from a variety in industries, but racing is her passion. A mega-bonus is to be able to work with local racers and race tracks.

Awards & Certifications

Laura has been a member of Schaeffer's 100% club 2 years in a row