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Mark Consoer<br>Jordan, MN

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Mark Consoer<br>Jordan, MN

On Your Team, But Not on Your Payroll


Mark has been a full-time Schaeffer Representative since March of 2007 and is recognized by his many Schaeffer customers for his personal service and focus on customer needs. His 'easy' personality and comfortable style, along with his lubricant training and experience, helps customers find opportunities to save money by improving their 'bottom line' operating costs.

Mark grew up on the family farm on the Iowa/Minnesota border. He attended the same one-room country grade school that his parents attended. After high school, he earned his BS in Business from Mankato State University (1976). His career path prior to Schaeffer included sales and marketing positions with companies in the electronics and computer industries.

Living in the country outside of Kasota, MN, Mark and his wife Betty enjoy spending time on the lakes with family and friends. Mark looks forward to fishing and hunting seasons every year which are often highlighted by trips to Canada and believe it or not, Iowa.

Industries Served

Food Procesing
Fuel Suppliers
Metal Working

Awards & Certifications

As part of continuing education in Lubricants and Fuel Additives, Mark has recieved awards for multiple levels of training including "TIAP" (Total Immersion Application Program) which is a level 3 lubricant training and test. He is also a member of Schaeffer's 100% Club.


Minnesota Corn and Soybean Growers
Minnesota Trucking