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Mike Mulligan<br>Las Vegas, NV

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Mike Mulligan<br>Las Vegas, NV

It's Not the Cost to Buy...It's the Cost to Use


Mike Mulligan has a long history of owning and maintaining many pieces of heavy equipment, including cranes, loaders, street sweepers, trucks and snow removal equipment. In addition, he had fleets of snow mobiles, ATV's and watercraft. He started using Schaeffer products in his own equipment and could not believe the huge difference with increased fuel economy, lower maintenance cost and increased component life. He also has a background in diesel mechanics and knows the wonders that Schaeffer products perform in diesel equipment.

Mike became a sales representative for Schaeffer in 2004. He knows from experience with Schaeffer products performance in his own equipment, that these products are like no other.

Contact Mike Mulligan for cost savings in your lubrication strategy (702) 354-3542.

Industries Served

Mike works with a variety of industries including:
Transportation fleets
Machining shops
Retail shops

Awards & Certifications

Schaeffer Certified Ag Specialist
Schaeffer TIAP training certification