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Scott Cunningham<br>Shreveport, LA

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Scott Cunningham<br>Shreveport, LA

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Scott Cunningham has been a Schaeffer Manufacturing Company sales rep since 2017. Utilizing his extensive 30+ year background in sales and oil field services, Scott is committed to helping his customers achieve the best results for their business.

A lifelong resident of Shreveport, Louisiana, Scott graduated from First Baptist High School and went on to graduate from Ole Miss. A believer in Schaeffer products, he appreciates the team aspect Schaeffer brings to the table in supporting his customers.

Scott & his wife Monique have been married 30+ years. Scott enjoys travelling, fishing, hunting, and being with his family.

Contact Scott Cunningham to receive one of a kind customer service that always goes above and beyond.

Call Scott at (318) 617-9212
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Industries Served

Scott’s specialty is the oil field industry. He also serves construction, trucking, manufacturing, and landscaping industries.