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Tim Evans<br>Liverpool, NY

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Tim Evans<br>Liverpool, NY

It's Not the Cost to Buy...It's the Cost to Use


Tim Evans joined the Schaeffer Manufacturing Company sales force in early 2014. Schaeffer offered him the freedom and flexibility of being an independent sales representative in industries familiar to him. He had worked in construction, industrial, automotive and fleet sales for 12 years. Tim is a life-long resident of Central New York.

Tim's philosophy is to improve his customers bottom line with quality, cost-saving Schaeffer products. When Tim makes a call he is not there just to get a customer's business, but to EARN the customer's business. He values the face-to-face time he spends with each customer. His goal is to quickly and efficiently evaluate a customer's lubricant application and recommend the best Schaeffer products for the job. He will value your time and reduce your cost to use lubricants.

Industries Served

Though Tim is very diverse in his career experience, he has found great enjoyment during the last decade calling on fleet, automotive, municipal and agricultural markets. His life and employment experience allow him to discuss lubricant application needs in any work environment.

Awards & Certifications

Tim earned a Bachelor's degree from New York Institute of Technology.