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Schaeffer's Response to Ford's Announcement

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Schaeffer's Response to Ford's Announcement

Ford’s concerns over engine durability are the same as what Schaeffer has communicated to our customers over the years. Conventional oils lack the durability and wear protection our customers expect for their diesel engines.

Schaeffer’s new SynShield™ CK-4 Oils meet Ford’s WSS-M2C171-F1 specification and are listed on the Motorcraft Chemicals and Lubricants website.

Engine oil plays an important role in improving durability through the use of advanced additive systems, polymeric viscosity modifier technology and better base oils. Unless the oil is built for higher temperatures and durability, regular use of the engine will lead to complications, shorter engine life and added expenses.

Schaeffer has always stood for doing what’s best for the engine. We believe different applications require different oils to ensure engine durability and efficiency. Equipment has unique and specific needs based on the work our customers do and the environments they work in. How customers manage the life cycle of their equipment influences their lubricant decisions. Schaeffer’s CK-4 and FA-4 oils are designed to meet the different demands equipment faces. Customers will experience the same commitment to quality and engine performance they have come to expect from everything we’ve done over the past 178 years.

Ford’s public announcement about CK-4 oils has raised questions over which oils can be used in Ford diesel engines. Our customers can be sure SynShield™ CK-4 Oils meet Ford’s new specification and are approved for use in Ford’s diesel engines.

API CK-4 oils

Ford will not recommend the use of API CK-4 oils in any Ford diesel vehicles. Ford’s own testing has shown some CK-4 formulations provide inadequate wear protection compared to CJ-4 formulations. Ford will only recommend oils that meet its own OEM specification, Ford WSS-M2C171-F1.

Ford is recommending its own Motorcraft Motor Oil, and it will continue to allow the use of CJ-4 oils.

Furthermore, a recent Work Truck article said Ford will not recommend the use of API CK-4/SN oils unless they have been approved by Ford to meet WSS-M2C171-F1. According to the article, SAE 10W-30 oils labeled as CK-4/SN cannot meet Ford’s new specification. Schaeffer’s SynShield™ CK-4 Oils SAE 15W40 and 10W-30 are labeled and registered as API CK-4.

API FA-4 oils

At this time, API FA-4 oils should not be used in any Ford diesel vehicles due to the oils’ low viscosity.

Schaeffer’s SynShield™ CK-4 Oils

Meet the new industry standards with Schaeffer’s high performance standards. Results from extensive testing show our SynShield™ CK-4/FA-4 Oils offer significant improvements over CJ-4 and other conventional oils:

Superior wear protection

Better contamination control

  • 77% better soot-handling deposit and contamination control with Schaeffer’s durability oils, SynShield™ Durability Advantage 15W-40 and SynShield™ Ultra Performance 10W-30.
  • 46% better soot-handling, deposit and contamination control with Schaeffer’s fuel economy oils, SynShield™ OTR Plus and SynShield™ Max MPG 10W-30.

Longer oil life

SynShield™ Oils provide excellent stay-in-grade viscosity performance with significantly less oil consumption than allowed by API specifications.