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6000 SynShield® Max MPG Engine Oil 10W-30

FA-4 specification, heavy-duty diesel oil for better fuel economy and efficiency in 2017 and newer diesel engines.

SynShield® Max MPG 10W-30 Engine Oil is a premium, advanced performance, synthetic plus, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specially formulated to provide maximum protection against wear, oxidation, deposit formation, soot contamination and aeration in 2017 and newer engines specifying FA-4 oil.

Exceeds API Service Category FA-4.

SynShield® Max MPG 10W-30 Engine Oil offers increased fuel economy benefits beyond those typically provided by most SAE 10W-30 engine oils, while still offering excellent outstanding wear protection, extended drain capability, high temperature performance and engine cleanliness. Using our proprietary friction modifiers, Micron Moly® and Penetro®, SynShield® Max MPG 10W-30 Engine Oil creates a slippery, tenacious shield that prevents metal-to-metal contact for increased engine efficiency.

Performance Benefits

  • Improved fuel economy benefits and fuel economy retention.
  • High thermal and oxidative stability for greater resistance to viscosity thickening and the formation of deposits, sludge and varnish.
  • Strong keep clean characteristics to protect against soot overloading.
  • Excellent shear stability for stay-in-grade performance throughout the oil drain interval.
  • Superior low volatility characteristics to control oil consumption.
  • Longer drains intervals.
  • Excellent protection against oil aeration and foaming.
  • Excellent cold crank startability and low temperature pumpability.
  • Improved engine durability and reliability.