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138SDPP Diesel Performance Protector

Schaeffer’s DIESEL Performance Protector is a multi-functional, ultra-low sulfur compliant diesel fuel additive specifically formulated to provide improved fuel efficiency, injector cleanliness and fuel stability along with increased power and fuel lubricity for marine diesel engines. Schaeffer’s DIESEL Performance Protector provides clean-up and keep clean performance throughout the entire fuel system, as well as fuel stability up to one year and can double fuel filter life.

Blended into our DIESEL Performance Protector is a non-alcohol jet fuel deicer/water dispersant, which eliminates the problems associated with entrained and/or dissolved water present in the fuel by dispersing the water into tiny droplets. These tiny droplets are suspended in the fuel so they can be carried with the fuel in controlled amounts through the fuel filters, fuel lines, and into the combustion chamber to be burned with the fuel. Because the remaining water is dispersed and suspended in the fuel, Schaeffer’s DIESEL Performance Protector prevents the formation of stable fuel-water emulsions.

Today’s diesel-powered vessels and watercraft feature low emission engines that are more susceptible than ever to diesel fuel related wear. Diesel engine designs are employing the use of higher fuel injection pressures, hotter fuel return temperatures, higher operating temperatures and complex engine geometry to control emissions. These factors result in increased fuel system wear and can shorten engine life. SynShield® technology is incorporated into Schaeffer’s DIESEL Performance Protector to increase lubricity and reduce pump and injector wear.

Schaeffer’s DIESEL Performance Protector can be used in all types of diesel fuel including ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, low sulfur diesel fuel and biodiesel blends.

Bulk treat ratio: One gallon of Schaeffer’s DIESEL Performance Protector to 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel.


  • Improvement of the fuel’s cetane rating by up to 5 points.
  • Improves fuel economy up to 3%.
  • Reduced emissions exhaust smoke, particulates and black smoke.

Contamination protection

  • Corrosion inhibitor for fuel wetted surfaces.
  • Moisture control with moisture dispersant to help prevent biological activity.
  • Dispersion of insoluble gums and varnish present in low quality fuels.

Wear protection

  • Excellent anti-wear protection for injectors and fuel pumps.
  • Supplemental ring and valve-train anti-wear protection.
  • Lubrication of the upper cylinders, fuel pumps and injectors.