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2003 HD Mill Lube

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2003 HD Mill Lube

Supreme 7000

2003 HD Mill Lube

Open gear lube designed to meet the needs of equipment operating in mills.

HD Mill Lube is ideal for heavily loaded open gears and bushings typically found in sugar mills, ball mills, pebble mills, grinding mills, bowl mills and cement kilns and dryers. It’s a high viscosity, extreme pressure open gear lube designed to preserve durability in severe operating conditions.

HD Mill Lube offers strong wear performance to protect metal surfaces against damaging wear. This open gear lubricant maintains a soft and pliable consistency during operation to prevent hardening of the lubricant or build-up in gear tooth roots.

This highly durable open gear lube may be applied using either an automatic lubrication system or a sump type system, where an oiler wheel drags the lubricant and deposits it on the pinion gear. HD Mill Lube is pumpable using Lincoln and Farval systems down to 30°F (-1°C).

Performance Benefits

  • Exceptional wear protection to prevent pitting, spalling, scuffing and metal deformation—especially during very slow speeds.
  • Protects bronze and brass components against rust and corrosion.
  • Drains freely from the gear guards.
  • Tenaciously clings to gears, bushings and rollers to resist squeezing out, fling off and throwing out