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2009 Supreme Arctic, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy

Supreme 7000

2009 Supreme Arctic

2009 Supreme Medium

2009 Supreme Heavy and Extra Heavy

Open gear lube available in various grades to meet the needs of mining equipment and heavily loaded gears and bearings.

Supreme is a multi-purpose open gear lube that's ideal for mining equipment shovels, draglines, excavators, stackers and reclaimers. It can also be used on sleeve type bushings and slow moving, heavily loaded bearings, shovel dipper sticks, circle rails and rollers, ball mills and slow-moving wire ropes. Supreme is available in arctic, medium, heavy and extra heavy grades.

It’s extreme pressure characteristics and ability to tenaciously cling to surfaces help preserve component durability in severe and heavily loaded operating conditions. Supreme open gear lube maintains its adhesive performance even when exposed to water, dust and dirt.

Supreme offers strong wear performance to protect metal surfaces against damaging wear. This open gear lubricant maintains a soft and pliable consistency during operation to prevent hardening of the lubricant or build-up in gear tooth roots.

This highly durable open gear lube may be applied using either an automatic lubrication system or a sump type system. Supreme meets the P&H Material Specifications 520 and 464 and Bucyrus specification SD4713.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure protection providing exceptional load carrying capabilities to heavily loaded open gears, bearings and bushings.
  • Protects bronze and brass components against rust and corrosion.
  • Drains freely from the gear guards.
  • Tenaciously clings to gears, bushings and rollers to resist squeezing out, fling off and throwing out.
  • Maintains adhesive characteristics throughout its service life.
  • Minimizes cold contact welding.
  • Resists water washout.