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567M VGP-EAL Marine EcoShield Biodegradable EP Gear Oil

ISO 150, 220 & 320

VGP-EAL Marine EcoShield™ Biodegradable EP Gear Oil is a readily biodegradable, environmentally friendly, ecologically responsive, synthetic, non-toxic, thermally stable and thermally durable extreme pressure lubricant that is specially formulated for the lubrication of marine gear drives and thrusters, slide and way systems, bearings and bushings that are subjected to heavy and/or shock loading conditions. VGP-EAL Marine EcoShield™ Biodegradable EP Gear Oil is also recommended for use in bearing and gear applications that are operated in environmentally sensitive areas. VGP-EAL Marine EcoShield™ Biodegradable EP Gear Oil meets the USDA definition EO 13101 and complies with the U.S. EPA’s definition of an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant as defined in Appendix A of the U.S. EPA 2013 Vessel General Permit.

VGP-EAL Marine EcoShield™ Biodegradable EP Gear Oil is formulated from a blend of renewable hydrocarbons, hydrolytically stable, renewable, synthetic esters, and a high performance, multi-functional extreme pressure additive package to provide the following performance advantages and benefits:

Environmentally acceptable

  • Readily biodegradable, with low ecotoxicity.
  • Low aquatic toxicity and not bio-accumulative.
  • Very low impact to water and soil during usage in case of a spill.
  • High renewability content.
  • Compatibility with mineral oils, PAO and ester synthetic base fluids.

Excellent stability

  • Wide operating temperature range and low volatility characteristics.
  • Excellent demulsibility characteristics and hydrolytic stability.
  • A high viscosity index with excellent shear stability.
  • Excellent extreme pressure.

Wear protection

  • Excellent lubricity.
  • Very good scuffing load capacity.
  • Protects against micro pitting fatigue wear especially to heavily loaded gear drives with surface-hardened tooth metallurgies even under extreme conditions.
  • Excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

Deposit control

  • Enhanced gear, bearing and seal cleanliness.
  • Excellent prevention against the formation of sludge, carbon and varnish deposits that can erode seals and cause premature bearing and gear wear.
  • Excellent filterability for outstanding filter life, even in the presence of water.