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740 Synthetic Lube EP Gear Lube 80W-140

Synthetic Lube EP is a heavy-duty, thermally stable, extreme pressure, multi-purpose synthetic gear lube formulated to provide in all automotive gear drives, especially those that require an approved lubricant for Eaton®, Fuller, Roadranger and Meritor (formally Rockwell International) extended warranties

Synthetic Lube EP is blended from the finest quality synthetic base fluids and a multi-functional additive package with extreme performance and anti-wear properties. This unique blend protects gears and bearings from excessive wear, premature failure, spalling, pitting and scoring.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent low temperature properties.
  • Strong resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation.
  • High viscosity index.
  • Improved wear protection – especially at low and high ambient and operating temperatures.
  • Extended drain capabilities and extended warranty protection.