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5131 Extreme Marine Gasoline Fuel Additive

Concentrated, multi-functional, ashless gasoline additive for use in high performance marine outboard, personal watercraft, powerboat, sterndrive and inboard engines.

Keep your boat’s fuel system clean for optimized performance with Extreme Marine Gasoline Fuel Additive. One 12-ounce bottle treats 50 gallons of fuel.

This multi-functional marine gasoline additive increases the fuel’s lubricity, which allows for stronger wear protection on injectors, pumps and upper cylinders. Extreme Marine Gasoline Fuel Additive keeps deposits from building up on pistons, which reduces the risk of engine seizure. Regular use of this marine gasoline additive improves carburetor, fuel injector, engine induction system, intake valve and combustion chamber cleanliness.

Extreme Marine Gasoline Fuel Additive can be used in all types of types of gasoline and ethanol blends used in new and old two-stroke and four-stroke gasoline powered engines.

Performance Benefits

  • Optimizes performance and drivability; allows for smoother idling.  
  • Helps clean and control deposits, gums and varnish to restore and maintain performance.
  • Reduces emissions, exhaust smoke and particulates.
  • Increases fuel’s lubricity.
  • Strong wear protection for injectors, fuel pumps, supplemental rings and valve trains.
  • Stabilizes fuel during storage.