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Brian Zollars<br>Columbus, OH

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Brian Zollars<br>Columbus, OH

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Million Mile Engine Teardown

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Schaeffer teamed up with Ranken Technical College to find out how a customer's million miles Ford 5.4L gasoline engine looks after running exclusively on Schaeffer Oil.

The experts were shocked to see the condition of this workhorse. Even the engine's main bearings still had the manufacturer's original numbers inked on them.

Watch what the pros discovered in our Million Mile Teardown.

Bottom Line Savings

Hunkes Transfer, Wadena, MN

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Pat Hunke owns Hunkes Transfer, Inc. They are a contract carrier for auto parts stores. Since using Schaeffer products, they have little to no engine problems and no problems with cold weather start up. He is impressed with the longevity of the oil - up to 50,000 miles per truck using Schaeffer's Oil Analysis.

Hunkes Transfer uses #9000 Supreme 9000™ Full Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 5W40.

Rainbow Rider Transit Company, Alexandria, MN

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Les Holm, Head Dispatcher, runs 20-25 vehicles daily. To safely extend drain intervals, Les relies on Schaeffer's oil analysis program.

Hear the challenges of transit companies and how he overcomes them from Les himself.

Rahn's Propane & Oil, Melrose, MN

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Listen as Dave Rahn, ower of Rahn's Oil & Propane tells why he uses Schaeffer's fuel additives.

Dave uses 137CT Carbon Treat to solve problems brought on by ultra-low sulfur fuel. In the summer he uses 151 BioTreat and in the winter 137B Diesel Treat 2000 keeps the fuel flowing and the trucks on the road.

Schaeffer fuel additves have helped with the profitability of his business and increased his margins.