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284 Diesel Hot Line

Diesel Hot Line is an emergency treatment for already gelled diesel fuel. This quick-acting additive dissolves gelled diesel fuel back into solution and returns the flow in 20 minutes. Formulated with a unique blend of organic compounds, Diesel Hot Line is recommended for use in all types of diesel fuel, especially low sulfur and ultra low sulfur diesel fuels. Contains less than 15PPM sulfur.

To prevent further gelling, use our Arctic Shield™ + Ultra Low Sulfur or Diesel Treat 2000™ Winter Fuel Additives.

Performance Benefits

  • Compatible with all types of diesel fuels.
  • Will not harm fuel pumps, injector nozzles or any pre-combustion equipment.
  • Does not contain any alcohols such as methanol.
  • Disperses water in fuel systems.
  • De-ices frozen fuel filters.