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Ed Ramage<br>San Jose, CA

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Ed Ramage<br>San Jose, CA

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Tom Wells Farms uses Wet-Sol 99 to insure full soybean yield in crusting conditions

Tom is a certified crop advisor and ag-chemical and seed dealer who is always looking for ways to help his customers. On the same day that he planted his 188 acre soybean field, two of his customers who farm nearby had followed the same planting methods using the same number of seeds and had sprayed with Python and Valor but without the Wet-Sol 99. Their fields got hit with the same pounding rain that same night. In the past after such a rain Tom said parts of his field, especially the high spots, would get what looks like a sheet of concrete, due to crusting, that's hard to effectively break up even with a rotary hoe. This condition would normally make it very difficult for the bean seedlings to push through, resulting in fewer plants making it to harvest and reducing yield.
After a few warm sunny days, Tom checked his field and said you could easily push your finger through what he expected to be a tough soil surface crust! Tom estimated that 7.5 seeds per foot germinated, pushed through, grew and matured to harvest resulting in a full yield of 55 bushels per acre. Tom's two customers who hadn't used Wet-Sol 99 with their spray had to replant areas of their soybean fields. Tom saved not only on the cost of extra seed for replant, but also on the expensive fuel it would have taken, as well as his time. He is now telling others about the advantages of Wet-Sol 99.

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Don Chapin Company, Salinas, CA

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Jim Fontes is the foreman at Don Chapin's, Assured Aggregates Recycle Facility in Marina, CA. Jim started using Schaeffer's 238 Moly Supreme Grease in October, 2001. The Radial Stacker head pulley bearings would run 80,000 to 85,000 tons of recycled concrete and asphalt and blow apart. Jim said he could predict within a couple of hours when the bearings would go out. Jim was using Texaco Starplex grease before he switched over to Schaeffer's #238 Moly Supreme grease. After changing, he noticed he was using less grease and his belt speed increased. Over 250 thousand tons of recycled material has been fed through the plant since he switched to Schaeffer's 238 and the bearings are still going strong. Jim has started using Schaeffer's gear oils in his crusher as well.

Nevada Nile Ranch, Lovelock, NE

Mike Phillips, Ranch Manager, and Ed Yenne, Ranch Mechanic, were changing oil in
their equipment after each cutting. They cut three of four times per season depending
on weather. The machines run approximately 100 hours during each cutting. They
tested Schaeffer's #151 Moly Bond first on a John Deere irrigation pump. When they
irrigate, the pump runs 24/7 and they were changing oil every 150 to 200 hours. Ed
was having trouble keeping up with oil changes. At 200 hours, when the Rotella was
changed, oil analysis showed the #151 Moly Bond with 8ppm iron, Shell Rotella at 38ppm
iron. The #151 Moly Bond was then changed at 427 hours and had 17ppm iron, still less
than 50% of the Rotella.

They have switched all the equipment at the ranch over to Schaeffer's and extended
drains out to 400 hours.

Renteria Brothers Racing, Morgan Hill, CA

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After switching over to the Schaeffer's #110 Micron Moly® Racing Oil 50, the number of passes on the Rod and Main Bearings more than doubled. They increased from 6-8 passes with the Pennzoil Racing 60W to 14-16 passes with #110 Micron Moly® Racing Oil 50W

The change interval went from 2-3 passes with the Pennzoil to 4-5 passes with Schaeffer's.

Renteria also uses Schaeffer's #132 Moly EP Oil Treatment, #204SAT All-Trans Supreme® full synthetic transmission fluid and #293 75W-90 Supreme Gear Lube.