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E.P. Industrial Machine Lube

Non-tacky, industrial strength gear lube that withstands excessive pressure and temperatures to prevent wear and inefficient equipment operation.

E.P. Industrial Machine Lube With Soluble Moly is a heavy-duty, extreme pressure, non-drip lubricant for slide and way systems that require an extreme pressure gear lubricant with light to medium viscosity. It’s also recommended for machine tools with bearing applications, such as gear stamping and machine presses.

E.P. Industrial Machine Lube is made with Micron Moly®, our proprietary liquid moly additive. Micron Moly reduces metal to metal contact and wear, allowing for reduced component wear and fatigue.

Micron Moly® also provides a smooth finished surface on all moving parts of the gears. This minimizes the action of cold welding, which can occur during start-up. This in turn lessens starting loads and peak power demand; thus a realistic power cost savings can be achieved.

Performance Benefits

  • Protects gears and bearings from excessive wear and prevent premature bearing fatigue, gear scoring, spalling and pitting.

  • Minimizes cold welding during start-up.

  • Excellent oxidative and thermal stability, which allows the lubricant to maintain performance in wide temperature ranges.

  • Prevents sludge and carbonaceous deposits from forming that can erode seals and cause premature wear.

  • Protects components against rust and corrosion.

  • Reduces premature wear.