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Kevin Byrns<br>Traverse City, MI

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Kevin Byrns<br>Traverse City, MI

On Your Team, But Not on Your Payroll


Kevin has been with Schaeffer Manufacturing Company since 2016. He lives in Traverse City with his wife and 3 children who have grown up in this special part of the world. He is passionate about helping people and focused on improving what they do. This is the core of his business and why Kevin has partnered with Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants. Schaeffer creates the finest world-class lubricants and manufactures in America. These lubricants stand up to the toughest conditions and demands world-wide. Our performances and customers speak for themselves from US Steel to Pioneer Sugar.

Schaeffer's philosophy is, "care more about your clients success than they do", as well as, "On your team, but not on your payroll". This is what Kevin believes: It is all about providing ways for our customers' equipment to last longer, reduce downtime and lower operating costs.

"We are ordinary people doing extraordinary work. This is our mission; by the grace of God we will fulfill it."

Industries Served

Heavy Construction, Forest Products, Power Plants, Metal Forge, Orchards and Farms, Fruit Processing, Trucking and Transportation, Cement and Asphalt, Mining, Military

Awards & Certifications

Schaeffer Certified Ag Specialist
Schaeffer's 100% Club
Schaeffer ADT Certified