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Kevin Byrns<br>Traverse City, MI

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Kevin Byrns<br>Traverse City, MI

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5% increase in productivity and 5% increase in fuel economy

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Schaeffer's hydraulic fluids with DYNAVIS outperform monograde lubricants and meet/exceed JD Hydrau XR specifications.

As your current hydraulic oil heats up, it thins out, leaks more and causes your hydraulic pump to lose power. Less power requires more push on the gas pedal to speed up the pump, which means more fuel burned!

Less fluid loss through leaks (more viscosity) and thicker fluid at operating temperatures allows the pump to create more pressure. Change to Schaeffer's 288 or 275 to lower your operating costs.

Up to 5% less fuel used
Up to 5% more production

The performance improvement estimates made for #288/#275S FLUIDS WITH DYNAVIS® are based upon years of intensive R&D, and validated with rigorous field test methods - like those demonstrated in the European Field Test video by Dynavis.

Bottom Line Savings

Parke Logging Hydraulic Teardown Video, Drummond, MT

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See the results of a 2007 Timbco teardown with over 9,000 hours on the hydraulic pumps after running exclusively on Schaeffer's Hydraulic Fluid.

Potential savings from using Schaeffer's 275: $50,000.00

Million Mile Gas Engine Teardown Video, St. Louis, MO

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Schaeffer teamed up with Ranken Technical College to find out how a customer's million miles Ford 5.4L gasoline engine looks after running exclusively on Schaeffer Oil.

The experts were shocked to see the condition of this workhorse. Even the engine's main bearings still had the manufacturer's original numbers inked on them.