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Moly Liquid Chain Lube

Moly Liquid Chain Lube is an extreme pressure liquid chain lube formulated for moderate moving chains found in automotive, industrial, construction and mining applications. Moly Liquid Chain Lube rapidly penetrates into pins and bushings and the pores of metal surfaces to reduce wear, chain stretch and dripage of the lubricant.

Moly Liquid Chain Lube is compounded from the finest high viscosity index, solvent refined, severely hydrofinished, 100% paraffin base stocks and a combination of special friction releasing and extreme pressure additives, and rust and corrosion inhibitors. Further blended into Moly Liquid Chain Lube is molybdenum disulfide, which allows the chain lube to form an almost indestructible lubricant film capable of withstanding extreme pressures. Moly Liquid Chain Lube reduces friction on the pins, rollers and bushings, thus allowing the life of the chain and the sprockets to be consistently tripled.

Performance Benefits

  • Helps free frozen chains; prevents new chains from freezing.
  • Quickly produces flexible chain action.
  • Eliminates chain stick/sip motion.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Quiets and eliminates noisy chains.
  • Forms protective barrier against moisture.