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298 Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube

Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube is a fully synthetic, smokeless chain lubricant for use as a lubricant on all types of high temperature chains exposed to temperatures up to 450°F.

Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube is blended from the finest high quality low evaporation synthetic base fluids available. Because of its synthetic base fluid’s closed molecular structure, the process of oxidation is greatly reduced. Thus, carbon, varnish and sludge deposits formed due to high temperature operation are virtually eliminated. The low volatility of the synthetic base fluids used in Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube results in the elimination of the formation of dense obnoxious fumes at high temperatures and results in lower makeup requirements due to evaporation.

Smokeless Hi-Temp Chain Lube contains our proprietary friction modifier, Micron Moly®, which withstands extreme pressures and reduces friction between the pins, rollers, bushings and sprockets of the chain.

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent high temperature oxidation and thermal stability.
  • Low volatility.
  • Excellent lubricity.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Eliminates deposits from forming.
  • Eliminates dense, obnoxious fumes at high temperatures.
  • Exceptional anti-wear and extreme pressure properties for reduced chain drag.