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131C SoyUltra® Additive

SoyUltra® Fuel Additive is a concentrated, multi-functional, ashless fuel additive specially formulated for use in all types of gasoline and ethanol blends used in new and old two-stroke and four-stroke gasoline powered vehicles. 

Made from soybean oil, SoyUltra® contains an additive package with friction modifying and detergency properties. This unique blend provides excellent wear protection for fuel injectors and fuel pumps – especially engines burning gasoline that’s low sulfur, reformulated, oxygenated or ethanol blend.

Performance Benefits

  • Optimizes performance and fuel economy.
  • Improves drivability, smoother idling.
  • Reduces emissions, exhaust smoke and particulates.
  • Helps clean and control deposits, gums and varnish to restore and maintain performance.
  • Superb piston deposit control to reduce the risk of engine seizure.
  • Stabilizes fuel during storage.
  • Strong wear protection for injectors, fuel pumps, supplemental rings and valve trains.
  • Increases lubricity.